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Tattoo Request Appointment Form
Terms & Conditions  

Tattoo Request
Appointment Form

Terms & Conditions  

Terms & Conditions

Congrats, you've consulted and are ready to start this journey! 

We’re so glad to welcome you to the

Tattoo’s By Dan the Man family!

While we know your artist has covered all the bases,

we want you to be fully informed before moving forward.

All quoted prices are general estimates. 

We know your eager to know the exact amount of your time your tattoo will take however, even the most skilled artists can't predict how much skin you're really acting heal how many breaks you'll need and other critical factors that dictate how long or how many sessions your tattoo project will take rest assured our goal is to deliver the absolute best tattoo for you and our prices reflect that. 

  • As we grow, so do our prices. Rates are guaranteed only for the current scheduled session(s) only. 

  • We do not offer free touch-ups but you can always schedule a follow-up session at the artist hourly or session rate as needed. 

  • Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance.

  • If the client must reschedule the artist must have receive at least 3 day notice in order to transfer (and not forfeit)  their deposit. 
    Deposits are forfeit in the following cases:  no-call, no-show, reschedule requests without 3-Day notice, appointment cancellation on clients behalf, and/or repeat re-scheduling. 
    All artwork and Designs will only be available for viewing on the day of the appointment. Any minor adjustments will be made at the beginning  of your appointment.

complete concept change will be considered a cancellation of scheduled appointment. 

The final cost of each session (plus 7.5% sales tax) will be paid in cash by the client at the end of each tattoo session.

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